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A virtual power plant is created when you connect batteries individually or in unison to support the grid and maximise income from excess solar energy.

What is a VPP?

A VPP is a virtual network of battery storage systems, connected through cloud-based software that manages the flow of clean electricity to maximise your revenue. The MODE VPP software is triggered to export your excess solar energy when wholesale market prices peak, giving you the highest return on investment while supporting the electricity grid with clean solar power.

When operating as a VPP, households and businesses can sell their stored battery electricity during price spikes to pay back the investment in their systems faster, or even make a passive income profit.

How does the VPP work?

Power Ledger’s MODE VPP monitors the energy market and sets price spike alerts. When demand jumps, energy retailers automatically draw power from the VPP and the households receive income from excess solar stored in their battery.

Powerclub’s Members will gain access to Power Ledger’s software and discounted home battery systems, enabling households to profit from power price spikes and demand shortages to leverage the wholesale market.

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Power Ledger and wholesale energy retailer Powerclub have joined together to make household solar and battery technologies affordable, reduce energy costs and maximise the use of renewable energy for Australians who live within the National Energy Market.

More details will be announced soon, but if you live in South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales or Queensland you can register your interest now and have the chance to get the best introductory offers.

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