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Giving consumers greater choice and visibility over the source of their energy.

What is Vision

Power Ledger’s Vision platform feature allows end consumers to choose their energy mix based on the type, source, location and the amount they consume.

Energy consumers are increasingly interested in using a specific type of clean energy, like solar or wind, which means energy retailers now need to respond to market demands.

Transparency is crucial to the future of renewable energy in order to verify the source and origin of green energy as it moves through the network.

New systems are needed to prove energy provenance and enable traceability, particularly when it comes to trading renewable energy, whether between households, businesses or as official renewable energy certificates.

How does Vision work?

Power Ledger’s platform integrates with smart meters to automatically track the energy generated by assets of any size and capacity, at any location, guaranteeing traceability of energy to its source.

Power Ledger’s Vision platform feature enables consumers to trace and choose their energy mix based on the type, source, location and the amount of energy they consume. This also helps energy retailers unlock and create new revenue streams, as well as retain existing customers.

Customer benefits

  • Visibility about where your energy is sourced from.
  • Ability to support smaller generators to develop the market.
  • Choose energy mix or a preferred producer.

Energy provider benefits

  • Choice of type, source and location of energy to their customers in real-time.
  • New opportunities for customer recruitment and retention.
  • Visibility on capacity of renewable assets.

Essential requirements

  • Agreement needs to be in place with Power Ledger and the retailer.
  • Smart meter/advanced meter capable of providing interval meter data.
  • Internet connection, either wired or wireless.

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