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A digital marketplace for renewable energy certificates.

What is TraceX?

Power Ledger’s TraceX platform feature is a digital marketplace for trading and settlement of environmental commodities such as renewable energy certificates and carbon credits. It can connect to existing certificate registries or utilise Power Ledger’s Trace registry feature.

Power Ledger’s platform can be used by generators who have certificates to sell. The platform can be used by utilities that seek to buy certificates to acquit against regulatory obligations. It can also be used by companies seeking to buy certificates because they have made public commitments about sourcing their energy from renewables.

Owners of solar and wind farms can sell credits faster with low transaction costs. Buyers can buy and settle efficiently.

How does TraceX work?

TraceX is a marketplace to efficiently trade environmental commodities such as renewable energy certificates and carbon credits.

TraceX enables buyers to log on and start purchasing RECs, and for sellers to easily connect and start selling RECs. The platform takes care of the rest.

Customer benefits

  • The RECs you are already trading, with registry integrations.
  • No delivery risk: simultaneous settlement.
  • Streamlined settlement: Simply top up your platform balance and begin buying.
  • Your data, your way: Access your data and import it into your ETRM system with ease.

Benefits to project developers

  • Expand your sales base: Power Ledger’s marketplace provides a unified platform for buyers and sellers to connect and transact.
  • Flexible sales: with a vast array of options, set your sales up the way you want them configured.
  • Get paid, fast: We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes to deliver the RECs you sell and ensure you get paid for them at the same time.

Essential requirements

  • Be a project developer or corporate purchaser of RECs.

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