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PPA Vision

A data management and settlement system for energy asset owners and operators.

What is PPA Vision

PPA Vision is a data management and settlement system for energy asset owners and operators.

It provides greater visibility in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for energy sold to offtakers or the spot market.

PPA Vision is designed for co-located renewable energy assets such as rooftop solar and cross-grid PPA supply arrangements.

For example, a business or a local council entering into PPA with a renewable energy generator can embed the transaction software directly.

How does PPA Vision work?

Power Ledger is able to integrate its technology with independent power producers, embedded network operators, asset developers and PV system owners.

Generators can customize the energy tracking and trading software to suit the regulatory requirements of governments, local councils and businesses to assist them in reaching their renewable energy targets.

Customer benefits

  • Access to renewable energy sources.
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuel sourced electricity.
  • Reports about energy transactions.

Energy provider benefits

  • Automatically draws energy data from smart meters.
  • Wholesale market sale information.
  • Settlement and billing for electricity delivered to buyers.
  • Remittance for electricity sold to wholesale market.
  • More detailed billing and usage data.

Essential requirements

  • Agreement needs to be in place with Power Ledger and the asset owner or the offtaker.
  • Smart meter/advanced meter capable of providing interval meter data.
  • Internet connection, either wired or wireless.

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