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PPA Exchange

Making renewables PPAs seamless.

What is PPA Exchange?

Tenders for Renewable Energy are popular worldwide. Procurement is typically taking place by issuing one-off Requests for Proposals (RFPs). These bespoke RFPs,as well as the contracting and negotiation phases that follow, are complex and time-consuming to develop, manage, and evaluate. Additionally, bilateral Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) negotiations do not provide market participants (buyers or sellers) with price discovery. Given the pace of price decline for renewable energy and the increase in technology development traditional RFPs are imperfect tools for scaling Renewable Energy purchasing.

Power Ledger ‘s  PPA Exchange Platform, offers a solution where the time to procure PPAs can be shortened considerably using technology and legally vetted PPA templates to provide an auction marketplace to expedite and simplify the procurement process.

Power Ledger’s PPA exchange platform feature is a reverse auction marketplace buying and selling PPAs.

How does PPA Exchange work?

PPA Exchange allows buyers of PPAs to efficiently procure their energy via a reverse auction. Sellers of energy can readily market their energy, find buyers and contract offtakers. Buyers and sellers can enter into agreements at a fair price with market standard contracts.

Customer benefits

  • Enables buyers to procure PPAs efficiently
  • Reduces long traditional procurement processes
  • Facilitates price discovery
  • Creates Buyer’s market via reverse auction to maximise competition
  • Market sounding functionality
  • Can facilitate procurement of other types of energy

Energy provider benefits

  • Ensures low procurement costs
  • Enables market sounding
  • Enables modular selling of PPAs in the primary and secondary market
  • Allows for easier selling that is matched against load profile
  • Greater exposure to more buyers
  • Risk diversification in terms of buyers, therefore improving credit quality
  • Time and cost reduction

Essential requirements

  • For buyers- information about their load profile
  • For sellers- information about their generation assets

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