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Flexibilities marketplace for network operators to stabilise their grid.

What is MODE?

MODE, or Marketplace for Optimisation of Distributed Energy, is a marketplace, which enables Distributed Energy Resource (DER) owners and flexible loads to provide grid services to monetise their assets. MODE comprises:


For DSOs and TSOs to seamlessly identify their need for, buy and dispatch flexibilities services. MODE Flex enables owners of batteries, variable loads, solar assets and aggregators to sell flexibilities services to DSOs and TSOs.


For electricity retailers and aggregators to sell energy and ancillary services to wholesale markets by aggregating DERs as a part of a virtual power plant. Read more about MODE VPP here.

Both of these platform features combine as MODE, which connects buyers with sellers to deliver flexibilities and VPP services, providing a comprehensive way for DERs to monetise their assets.

MODE Flex Key Features:

  • Sophisticated forecasting, price matching, scheduling, dispatch and real time optimisation
  • Bilateral flexibilities market for DSOs and TSOs, incorporating visibility, predictability, control and settlement
  • Forward facing market capabilities: e.g. week and day ahead, intraday
  • Smart contracting functionality for auto bidding, optimisation and settlement

How does MODE Flex work?

MODE Flex incorporates sophisticated scheduling, grid optimisation algorithms and forward facing markets encouraging DER’s and flexible loads to provide flexibility services.

MODE Flex first identifies grid requirements, which then seamlessly creates a bidding and contracting mechanism for DERs and flexible loads, orchestrates dispatch and finally settles the transactions.

Customer benefits

  • DSO’s and TSO’s can efficiently procure their flexibility requirements
  • Flexibilities marketplace can synchronise with forecasting of network need i.e. two days ahead or intraday
  • Price discovery and price visibility
  • Contracting, dispatch and settlement all managed on one platform

Energy provider benefits

  • Near real time settlement
  • Blockchain record of all assets and trades
  • Consensus validation
  • Optimised flexibility services

Essential requirements

  •  Please contact Power Ledger to discuss integration requirements

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