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To deliver resilient and low cost energy, our platform operates across two key markets:

Energy trading

Our platform's energy tracking and trading features can be used to give consumers choice over the energy they use and facilitate the trading of electricity peer to peer. Solar P2P energy trading can deal with excess solar in the grid without subsidy.

If you have solar panels on your rooftop you can use our platform to sell excess energy to your neighbor. When coupled with batteries and our VPP platform feature, surplus solar can be stored and sold at the peak to maximize profits.

Power Ledger's platform gives security and peace of mind, by recording all transactions on the blockchain.

Environmental commodities trading

Our platform technology is being used to ensure the trading of environmental commodities such as renewable energy certificates and carbon credits, are more transparent, secure, and efficient.

The market for trading environmental commodities is rapidly increasing and needs our proprietary blockchain technology platform to track energy from renewable sources and monetize the environmental attributes – removing the risks including of fraud and double counting. You can trust our environmental commodities trading platform.

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