Energy is fundamental to us all, and finding ways to secure green clean electricity is now a priority for many organizations. At Power Ledger we use agile markets underpinned by blockchain technology to help fulfil these needs.

Our platform creates a community of electrical prosumers, ie producers and consumers who comprise the growing distributed grid. In this new world there are benefits for consumers, companies, retailers, property developers and distribution networks alike.

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A more stable network from renewable sources

Power Ledger's software is supporting the energy grid of the future.

Our blockchain-enabled energy trading solutions harness the power of renewable energy assets.

Find the solution for you

Whether you are a property developer, an electricity retailer or a network operator, we have a solution for you.

Energy retailer

Stay ahead in the rapidly transitioning world of energy with a seamless digital platform to track, trade and trace renewable power across the grid as well as efficient buying / selling of RECs

  • Bring in new customers with a strong offering of trading power across the xGrid.
  • Offer your customers more choice. Buy electricity for less with MODE VPP and their choice of energy provenance with Vision.
  • Trade your REC in a seamless way with TraceX.

Property Developers & Building Managers 

Build futureproof revenue for your property. Make electricity cheaper and payback times shorter:

  • Manage your microgrid with a real time internal market, µGrid, and external market, xGrid, that optimises price.
  • Leverage your microgrid’s capacity with a VPP, to help the grid by contributing to the real time ‘flexibilities’ market.
  • Then sell the ‘green portion’ of the electricity as a REC on TraceX.

Procurement Agent 

Instantly verify renewable energy sources and conduct transparent energy trading at the best price.

  • PPA Exchange makes renewables PPAs seamless.
  • Then trade and settle RECs wherever you are in the world, on TraceX.

Renewable Energy  Developer 

Maximize ROI with a flexible, digital platform to manage your renewable energy assets.

  • Manage the output, billing and settlement for commercial solar and wind farms, with PPA Vision. Then sell your PPAs, on the PPA Exchange.
  • Trace will provide measurement, reporting and verification for the life of your RECs. Then trade on TraceX, wherever you are in the world.

Distribution & Transmission Network Service Providers   

Solve grid constraints, voltage imbalances and duck curve problems with a simple, efficient solution for managing and operating the grid.

  • Stablise your grids using a flexibilities marketplace which uses P2P, load shifting and storage from any VPP, on MODE Flex.

Electricity Market Operators 

Solve your grid issues, like frequency, control ancillary services, contingency and regulation services, with a secure and stable grid.

  • Manage all your frequency and ancillary services using MODE VPP.

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Energy Retailers

Offer your customers the types of energy they’re asking for. Our platform helps retailers develop and retain loyal users of renewable energy. It’s never been easier to track, trace and trade renewable power across the grid.

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Distribution & Transmission Network Service Providers

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Electricity Market Operators

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Property Developers & Builders

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Commercial & Industrial

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REC Buyer & Sellers

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Generators, RE Developers & Asset Owners

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Market Participants & Aggregators

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REC Consultants & Brokers

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Strata Managers

Monetize your investment in rooftop solar with transparent, secure renewable energy trading that earns a passive income.

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Smart Cities & Smart Precincts

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