RENeW Nexus, Australian Government, Australia
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RENeW Nexus, Australian Government, Australia

The RENeW Nexus project involves 40 households in Fremantle, Western Australia, using Power Ledger's platform to trade excess energy generated from rooftop solar panels with their neighbors.

Project summary

About 40 households in Fremantle are buying and selling their excess rooftop solar power with their neighbors via the existing electricity network and retailer.

The RENeW Nexus project is being led by Curtin University, with backing from the Australian Government’s Smart Cities initiative. Power Ledger is working with Curtin University, Synergy, Western Power and energyOS on the trial.

How the technology works

Power Ledger’s software is being used to track the transactions of all solar energy traded across the electricity grid.

Power Ledger’s blockchain technology is providing real-time insights into energy transactions between the participants. Currently residents view their energy bills every 30-60 days. Power Ledger’s technology allows them to view usage in 30 minute intervals.

The trial represents an innovative solution to virtual energy trading that may have implications for energy utilities working to balance energy supply and demand all over the world.

Western Australia Energy Minister Ben Wyatt

Project highlights


Peer-to-peer energy transacted each month


Of all transactions per month are peer-to-peer


Transactions processed by Power Ledger each month


Prosumers have earned per month selling excess energy

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