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Gen Y, Western Australian Government, Australia

Solar power trading for Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project

The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project is focused on sustainable and affordable housing, using Power Ledger's blockchain platform to sell excess solar energy to neighbors at peak demand, rather than back to the grid.

Project summary

The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project is a sustainable and affordable housing product in Western Australia aimed at younger buyers

The project was developed in partnership with LandCorp and Synergy, and each apartment is expected to use 70% less water than a typical home in Perth, Western Australia, and 60% less grid energy.

How the technology works

Each apartment unit receives an allocation of the onsite shared solar and battery assets based on their unit entitlement. Any energy they do not use they can sell to the other apartments.

The Gen Y Project is a fantastic example of the way architectural innovation can be used to inform industry and the broader community on the importance of sustainability, flexibility and diversity of design to creating practical, cost-effective and desirable homes for a new generation.

LandCorp Chief Executive Frank Marra

Project highlights


Solar energy traded per month


Cheaper renewable energy vs. grid energy


Residents' collective savings each month compared to grid energy


Energy consumed from renewable resources

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