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EPC Solar Canberra, Australia

Peer-to-peer solar power trading

A peer-to-peer commercial deal between an owner and tenant with a shared PV system with the NEM in ACT.

Project summary

Power Ledger’s software will be installed at a commercial site tenanted by window supplier, Dowell Windows, where the site’s owner and Dowell Windows will share a common renewable energy supply.

Using Power Ledger’s technology, the parties will be able to save on electricity bills by trading the solar energy generated from the rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system between each other.

How the technology works

Three parties will trade excess solar energy between one another at a single site through a shared photovoltaic (PV) system and battery.

Power Ledger’s platform will enable the customers to save on their energy costs and decrease consumption from fossil fuel sources.

The two companies are currently in discussions regarding a large number of additional projects nationally to explore the company’s other product offerings.

EPC Solar group is extremely excited to offer Power Ledger’s platform as a standard option to our customer base. The technology is a great value-add as it enables solar owners the long-term financial benefits of self-generated renewable power, but also gives them access to a way to pay back their investment faster

EPC Solar Managing Director Daryn Stocks

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