White Gum Valley, Australia
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White Gum Valley, Australia

Discounted solar energy for artists

The Fremantle-based Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) cooperative comprises 12 residences and two art studios. Developer Access Housing uses Power Ledger's platform to sell SHAC tenants solar-generated electricity at reduced prices.

Project summary

Featuring 12 residences and two art and creative studios, the development is being tenanted by members of the Fremantle-based Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) cooperative.

Access Housing will also become an energy retailer to the property, selling tenants electricity at reduced prices.

How the technology works

Each tenant will save AUD$300 due to decreased supply charges alone. And with solar panels and batteries installed onsite, residents of the creative cooperative development can expect to see reduced power bills as they rely less on the mains grid.

Access Housing Former Chief Executive Officer Garry Ellender

This development provides not only vital housing, but also the ability to ensure that energy is both sustainable and affordable for our residents. We are delighted to have collaborated with Access Housing and Power Ledger on this development.

Project highlights


Energy transacted per month


Residents' energy consumption from renewable sources


Residents' collective energy savings each month compared to grid energy


Cheaper renewable energy vs. grid energy

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