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Kansai, Japan

Peer-to-Peer solar power trading

Kansai Electric Power Co (KEPCO) uses Power Ledger's platform to facilitate and monitor renewable energy trading at a research center in Osaka City, Japan.

Project summary

The aim of the trial is to establish ways communities can offset existing energy costs and allow generating customers to monetize their renewable energy investments by selling their excess energy peer to peer.

How the technology works

The trial is seeing KEPCO share meter data from up to 10 participants, at the chosen site in Osaka City, Japan.

Power Ledger will provide KEPCO access to the Power Ledger trading platform to facilitate and monitor energy trading between the participating meters, and to trial different ways renewable energy can be shared equitably within a community. The insights gained from this trial will inform future prospective deployments of Power Ledger products.

Kansai Electric Power Co.

We have started empirical research on the determination of the price of surplus electricity generated by photovoltaic power, and a new system capable of direct trading.

Project highlights

> 70kWh

Solar energy traded per week


Trading algorithms executed in two-phased trial


Energy transactions processed per week


Energy consumed from renewable resources

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