DeHavilland Apartments & Element47, Midland WA
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DeHavilland Apartments & Element47, Midland WA

Peer-to-peer solar power trading

Blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer technology at timber mixed-use development.

Project summary

Power Ledger will have its peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading technology in-built into a timber-based mixed-use development in Perth’s east to enable households to trade solar energy between one another.

Power Ledger’s platform will be used as an internal auditing system for the development’s entire energy consumption.

How the technology works

Power Ledger’s platform will integrate with the developments smart meter systems to enable participants to set prices, track and trade solar energy trading in real time.

Bluerock Projects Director Stuart Hawley

Homeowners are increasingly becoming more environmentally in their purchases, whether it be clothes, cars and increasingly in their homes. The energy systems are an integral part of the overall environmental picture for future developments.

Project highlights

Nine apartments and one commercial site

Combined battery and solar system supplying power to the entire development

Designed from the ground-up to utilize the Power Ledger platform for savings maximization

A 20 kW solar PV system and a 30 kWh battery

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