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Clearway Energy Group, United States

Renewable energy certificate trading

Power Ledger to roll out digital commodity trading software in the United States through Clearway partnership.

Project summary

Power Ledger is applying our proprietary technology to the evolving market for trading digital energy commodities partnering with Clearway to develop a platform to trade Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the US.

How the technology works

Power Ledger will track RECs on a blockchain ledger system from the point of creation, sale and transfer to the buyer, through to the point of retirement of the certificate and the annual sustainability audit.

Clearway VP of asset management Monique Menconi

We believe blockchain trading technology can significantly improve the efficiency of the market for RECs in the U.S. by linking transactional functions within a common platform. We are excited to partner with Power Ledger to deliver a fully integrated, scalable, and low-cost solution.

Project highlights

$3 billion

The market for RECs in the United States is estimated to be worth over $3 billion annually.

1 MWh

RECs represent proof that 1 MWh of electricity was from an eligible renewable energy resource.

29 states

At least 29 states require electricity companies to use a portion of electricity from a renewable source each year.

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