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Wyomissing, United States

Trading of rooftop solar energy

Wholesale elecricity manager American PowerNet uses Power Ledger's platform at its headquarters to trade solar energy with neighbors connected in its office park.

Project summary

American PowerNet’s headquarters will use the xGrid platform to trade solar power  with neighbors connected in its office park to optimize clean energy for both carbon reductions and decreased electricity costs.

How the technology works

The technology uses American PowerNet’s existing distribution system and connected solar assets by using data from existing meters without the need for additional hardware, software or engineering fees.

The Power Ledger platform monitors the consumption from APN's solar panels versus consumption from the grid. It also provides energy usage data analytics for the neighboring businesses and generates Statement of Use information for invoicing purposes.

President of American PowerNet Scott Helm

Rather than just dump our excess solar power on to the grid, we’re thrilled we can now provide clean, sustainable power to our neighbors.

Project highlights


Solar energy generated each month


Energy purchased by APN's neighbors is peer to peer energy


Neighbors' savings from APN's excess solar energy

> 1.5MWh

APN's excess energy sold to neighbors each month

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