VPP 2.0

Enables energy companies to automatically manage supply and demand

Product Details

The Power Ledger VPP 2.0 product allows consumers to contribute to solving the price spikes and demand shortages that bedevil the industry. It enables households with solar and batteries to sell frequency, capacity and ancillary services to their energy company.

Currently, energy companies may offer standard payments or incentives ahead of time when they foresee a spike in demand, but these don't take into account the actual energy contribution customers are making or likely to make.

With our platform, energy companies can measure the energy contribution their customers are making in near real-time. It means customers are more actively involved and will receive returns quicker, and energy companies have energy and capacity more readily available when they need it.

If the energy company was going to use a customer's battery storage in the current system, it can only operate in one mode. Meaning it can only be used for frequency control or network control or demand response. Our system will automatically decide what the most beneficial service is for that battery, at that time. It means customers can provide all three services, depending on when they're most needed by the network.

Energy companies can aggregate distributed capacity and through smart controls set this up to react automatically, so when the grid supply is low and they need their customer's excess energy and storage, it'll just happen that way.

Problems with legacy system

  • No market incentive for households to contribute to network
  • 'Peak events' costly to retailers
  • Only operates in one mode

Benefits of VPP 2.0

  • Reduces risk and cost for energy retailer
  • Much faster payback period for householder on their battery
  • Daily settlement
  • Reduces price spikes and number of blackouts
  • Consumers contribute to solving price spikes and demand shortages
  • Households with solar and batteries can sell frequency, capacity and ancillary services to their energy company
  • Faster payback period for households on their battery

Product features

  • Automatically manages supply and demand
  • Real-time capacity management and load shaping
  • Daily settlement
  • Optimization of uses for highest value


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