Asset Germination

Allowing everyday investors to own a piece of tomorrow's energy systems

Product Details

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, 'renewables need to be scaled up six times faster for the world to meet the Paris Agreement goals'. If we’re going to turbocharge this growth in renewables, we need investment, so we’ve pioneered a product to do this.

Power Ledger's Asset Germination Events (AGE) means everyday everyday people can invest in and co-own renewable assets like solar farms, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers and receive a return.

Using our technology, we can split ownership of large-scale renewable assets into smaller portions, which means you need less upfront capital to invest in them. This also means if you decide you don't want to be part of that particular investment anymore, you can trade the investment, represented by an AGE token, with someone who does via an exchange.

Our AGE product means developers of this infrastructure can access new sources of capital to fund these assets or sell down assets and recycle capital.

Benefits of AGE

  • Supports uptake of clean energy
  • Available to everyday retail investors, not just high net worth individuals
  • Tradeable
  • Reduces mistakes in asset registers and is more secure
  • Diversifies cryptocurrency portfolios with a compliant, dividend-paying token


  • Security token developed with oversight from regulators
  • Profits automatically distributed to token holders
  • Exchange-tradable tokens
  • Participants have legally enforceable rights to the underlying assets

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