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You can sell energy generated from your solar panels to other households connected to the electricity grid.

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Product details

Consumers are considering the carbon intensity of their energy consumption and the economic impact of their electricity usage more than ever before. But not everyone can afford solar panels and some, such as renters or those whose roofs aren’t orientated to benefit from solar exposure, have no choice in the matter.

They deserve the same access to low-cost, low-carbon energy as everyone else. Peer-to-peer trading via our xGrid platform enables energy companies to give their customers access to renewable energy, even when they can’t generate it themselves. It also ensures the value from the investment in distributed energy resources, like rooftop solar panels, stays in the community where the energy investment is made.

Customers can sell their excess energy to their neighbours, and energy companies now have another prosumer-consumer couple on their books that might otherwise have been expensive to retain or acquire. If the prosumer also has batteries, they can help the energy retailer manage their price risk using our VPP 2.0 product.

Current market challenges

  • Long settlement periods
  • Customers incentivized to go off-grid
  • Grid-defection results in higher energy prices for remaining customers
  • Consumers likely to minimize investment costs with undersized solar systems

Product features

  • Peer-to-peer electricity trading across the grid
  • Fast, secure settlement
  • Detailed billing and usage data
  • Automatically converts electricity credits to fiat currency, reflected on bill
  • Transaction records stored and viewable on blockchain

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