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C6+ uses blockchain technology to create a digital marketplace and exchange for carbon and renewable energy credits.

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Product details

C6+ tokenizes credits and certificates to create a marketplace for renewable energy and carbon credits.

In at least 29 U.S. states, electricity companies are required to supply a portion of their electricity from renewable sources each year. Many companies purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) as a way of meeting their mandatory clean energy quotas. Similar programs exist in other parts of the world, and, as countries implement mechanisms to support their Paris Accord targets, the number of these programs will continue to grow.

Historically the marketplaces for these RECs have been paper based and broker driven. C6+ shifts this paradigm, enabling both buyers and sellers to trade via an intuitive digital exchange.

Renewable energy and carbon credit markets are plagued by complexity and opacity. Steep learning curves have meant markets exclude all but the most sophisticated of buyers. This has inevitably led to a concentration of market power in the hands of brokers. C6+ offers an alternative future – one of access, transparency and efficiency. Buyers are easily able to log on and start purchasing. Sellers are easily able to connect and start selling. The platform takes care of the rest.

Owners of solar and wind farms can sell credits faster with low transaction costs. Owners of petrochemical plants can buy credits at the best possible price.

Product features

  • Enables owners of credits to sell them using an efficient, transparent and liquid digital exchange.
  • Simultaneous settlement and delivery.
  • Enables small use consumers to purchase and retire renewable energy credits directly.

Use Cases

  • Clearway Energy Group, US

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