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C6 & C6+

We use blockchain technology to underpin our environmental commodity trading platform.

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Product details

Whether you're the owner of a solar or wind farm trying to sell your credits, or the owner of a petrochemical plant trying to buy them, transactions need to happen in a straightforward way.

Owners of solar and wind farms want to sell renewable energy credits quickly with low transaction costs and at the right price. Meanwhile, owners of petrochemical plants are trying to buy the credits at the best possible price.

Historically this has been a difficult job, especially for the sellers who've had to navigate mountains of paperwork, process and fragmented thinking. But with Power Ledger it's very simple. You connect our platform to smart meters, and our system obtains the credits, finds a buyer and sends you the money.

Current market challenges

  • Opaque, illiquid and latent market
  • Tedious submission requirements
  • Barriers to claiming environmental commodities
  • Expensive middle and back office

Product features

  • Accurate measurement of energy generation (C6)
  • Easily generates regulatory compliant reports (C6)
  • Automates process to issue environmental commodities (C6)
  • Enables trading of credits in efficient, transparent and liquid market (C6+)
  • Fast market settlement (C6+)
  • Allows consumers to purchase and retire renewable energy credits via an exchange (C6+)

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Enquire about C6 & C6+