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C6 uses blockchain technology as a measurement, reporting and verification tool for carbon and renewable energy credits.

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Product details

C6 integrates with smart meters and data management systems to automatically track energy and provide critical information about renewable energy and carbon credits.

Whether you’re an electric vehicle infrastructure owner trying to monitor and track your carbon credits, or a petrochemical plant trying to understand how many you should buy, C6 can provide crucial information and report generation capability in a straight-forward and easy manner.

C6 makes it easier and faster for owners of solar and wind farms to track, monitor and obtain renewable energy and carbon credits. It eases the burden of the often complex reporting procedures by automating away the grunt work of producing and reconciling spreadsheets.

Power Ledger’s C6 tracking and reporting tool will reduce the time to market for renewable energy and carbon credits, driving efficiency and accelerating the world’s transition to a low carbon future.

C6 is seamlessly integrated with C6+ to provide an end to end solution that addresses every facet in the life cycle of renewable energy and carbon credits.

Product features

  • Accurate measurement of energy generation
  • Easily generates regulatory compliant records
  • Automates process to issue credits

Use Cases

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