The underlying nature of electricity retailing is changing, driven by consumers themselves.

Power Ledger Policy Analyst Sarah Graham explored this at Australian Energy Week in June 2019.

Power Ledger is helping people to transact energy, trade environmental commodities and invest in renewables using a blockchain enabled Software-as-a-Service retail platform.

Sarah said there was a need to have a wider conversation around current retail models.

“Blockchain itself is not the whole solution, it’s just part of the solution,” she said.

There are a number of new business models that are being driven by distinct changes in the system. Power Ledger’s blockchain-enabled platform presents an opportunity for new energy models.

Sarah explores how Power Ledger is reimagining the electricity market not just in Australia, but around the world and discusses some of our current projects in more detail.

Watch her presentation on how Power Ledger’s platform works and the problem we are trying to solve.

Watch her update on some of Power Ledger’s current projects including our work with Silicon Valley Power, East Village at Knutsford and BCPG Thailand.

Through the decentralised nature of Power Ledger’s blockchain P2P platform, residents will be able to buy and sell excess solar energy with their neighbours, rather than letting it spill back to the grid.

Power Ledger’s technology won Sir Richard Branson’s global Extreme Tech Challenge award.

The company has built a series of products to enable energy trading, renewable asset financing and more efficient carbon and renewable energy credit markets.

Power Ledger has active projects in Thailand, Austria, Japan, the United States and Australia.