Local Energy Market

xGrid is an application for consumers and DSOs that sets up a Local Energy Market (LEM) and brings relief from congested networks, while providing consumers with better pricing.

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xGrid lets people transact energy from their homes and solar panels, under a range of possible price schemes. These different schemes can be selected by a DSO to maximise local transactions and minimise more distant and expensive ones, that call on the superior grid. This is the basis of the LEM and it also facilitates better prices, for consumers and prosumers alike.

From generation to consumption XGrid manages the settlement of the energy transaction between the two parties, allowing for dynamic price-discovery resolved to five minute intervals.

By trialling different schemes, DSOs can tune their networks to reduce congestion, defer capital expenditures, and reduce the chances of equipment damage. The consumers and prosumers benefit too, with better pricing on all their transactions.

xGrid promotes a higher volume of local power transactions at the bottom of the pyramid while percolating surplus power upwards

How does it work?

  • Power Ledger’s platform tracks the generation and allocates the available energy to the participants delivering near instantaneous financial settlement.
  • Excess energy from prosumers can be sold to other participants of the community, gifted to preferential consumers, or sold to the grid.
  • Various models of allocation and peer-to-peer energy trading available, as off-the-shelf solutions (e.g. equally distributed or ‘unit entitlement’ allocation, priority of some tenants -  common area, commercial tenants, EV chargers, dynamic pricing, etc)
  • Participants are incentivised to turn from consumers to prosumers and monetise their energy assets, by selling their excess energy.

Additional flexibility, grid congestion mitigation and voltage management from the combination of xGrid with MODE Flex.

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