PPA Exchange

A reverse-auction marketplace for trading Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

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Renewable energy trading through one-off Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or bilateral Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are time-consuming and imperfect tools. They can be labour intensive and require plenty of back office support. Luckily, there’s a better way.

PPA Exchange is a marketplace to expedite and simplify the procurement process for corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for greenfield developers, generators and buyers alike.

How does PPA Exchange work?

PPA Exchange allows buyers of PPAs to efficiently procure their energy via a reverse auction.

Sellers of energy can readily market their energy, find buyers and contract offtakers, while buyers and sellers can enter into agreements at a fair price with market-standard contracts.

Fast procurement process

Better price transparency

Facilitates price discovery for buyers and sellers.

Maximizes competition

Creates a buyer’s market via reverse auction.

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