Connect to a virtual network of home solar and battery storage systems.

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A VPP is a virtual network of battery storage systems, connected through cloud-based software that manages the flow of clean electricity to maximise a customer’s revenue. This could be a residential customer, commercial or an industrial one.

The MODE VPP software detects when wholesale market prices peak and starts managing the stored electricity appropriately. This gives customers the highest return on investment while supporting the electricity grid with clean solar power.

With this sensitivity to price spikes, customers can pay back the investment in their systems faster, or even make a passive income profit.

How does MODE VPP work?

Members of participating retailers will gain access to Power Ledger’s software and discounted home battery systems, enabling households to profit from power price spikes and demand shortages to leverage the wholesale market.

Power Ledger’s MODE VPP analyses price forecasts across multiple markets and revenue streams. Power Ledger will provide access to wholesale energy markets such as the spot market, and Ancillary (FCAS) and Network Services which supports the stability of the grid.

This enables battery owners to provide a solution to grid instability caused by the high uptake of intermittent renewable energy systems such as solar PV systems.

Benefit from government subsidies

Access to rebates

Eligible participants can access battery rebates through the South Australian battery subsidy scheme.


First 10 installations receive a $2,000 discount for participating in the trial.

Membership rewards

Discounts on First year Power Powerbank account.

System installation

Includes 1 years’ free access to VPP Technology.

Getting started

Power Ledger and wholesale energy retailer Powerclub have joined together to make household solar and battery technologies affordable, reduce energy costs and maximise the use of renewable energy for Australians who live within the National Energy Market.

Early applicants will be eligible for discounts to the battery purchase price!

Step 1

Powerclub is currently launching the MODE VPP Pilot in South Australia, if you live in South Australia, and would like to purchase a battery system and increase your savings by participating in a VPP, then contact us to register your interest

Step 2

A team member from our sales partner will contact you to assess the opportunity.