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Our Technology

As part of our commitment to a renewable energy future, our software operates across three key markets:

Energy trading

Our energy trading software can be used to buy and sell electricity in real time. If you have solar panels on your rooftop you can use our platform to sell excess energy to your neighbor. If you have battery storage you can store your energy and sell it at the peak to maximize your profit from the solar power you generate.

Similar to trading shares on a stock exchange you can set buy and sell prices so that you can trade energy at the right price for you.

We give you security and peace of mind, by recording all transactions on the blockchain.

Environmental commodities trading

Our technology can be used to make the trading of environmental commodities and renewable energy credits more transparent, secure and efficient.

The market for trading environmental commodities is evolving rapidly, and there is mounting pressure to ensure credits aren’t double-counted or misappropriated.

You can use our proprietary blockchain technology to track energy from renewable sources to offset emissions as well as tracking the multitude of transactions relating to environmental commodities and renewable energy credits.

Renewable asset ownership

We have developed an asset ownership model that will activate more renewable energy assets so we can boost the portion of green energy available for use.

We all have a role to play in demanding energy from renewable sources, but we realise that there needs to be an incentive for a major shift to take place.

Not every household can afford to install solar panels on their rooftop, so we have developed another way for people to own a fraction of a renewable energy asset.

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