July 4, 2019

Video Ask Me Anything 4 July 2019

Powerledger livestream video AMA July 2019 with Dr Jemma Green and Anya Nova. The AMA was guest hosted by Coincast TV.

The aim of this AMA was to answer some questions the Powerledger community had about the company’s recent developments, token economics structure and how POWR tokens are integrated into current projects.

Topics discussed in this AMA include:

  • The use of POWR in current projects
  • An update on AGE
  • Powerledger’s projects in the US, Europe and Australia
  • Tesla, Australian partnerships
  • US exchange listings
  • Upcoming ESCROW report
  • Powerledger’s REC trading platform

If at the end of this session you still have some unanswered questions, please join the Official Powerledger Telegram account.

There are also international communities in Korea, China, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines.

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