October 21, 2021

Powerledger joins the International Microgrid Association

Powerledger has become a founding member of the International Microgrid Association (IMA), along with Schneider Electric, AEMO, Western Power, Synergy and Horizon Power.

The IMA brings together microgrid developers, utilities, manufacturers, research organisations and governments with the aim of building global microgrid capability with more efficient, clean, and cost-effective energy.

The best case studies of microgrids can be seen within projects utilising Powerledger’s technology in locations such as Uttar Pradesh (UP), India and Bangkok, Thailand. These microgrids provided greater monetary incentives to prosumers and cheaper renewable energy for consumers, and encouraged further investment into renewable energy generation. 

The UP project in Lucknow optimised electricity usage and offered prosumers flexible  prices. By allowing prosumers to sell surplus energy generated from rooftop solar and consumers to purchase green power, the trading platform has further incentivised the uptake of distributed energy. This pilot project with the India Smart Grid Forum has since led to a legislation change, mandating that all utilities in the state must make provisions for peer to peer (P2P) trading. 

The Bangkok project in the suburb of T77 involved P2P trading amongst commercial and residential buildings. Powerledger was able to maximise the consumption of renewable energy, while reducing electricity costs. This led to the expansion of the project to include additional residential complexes and a smart office building to the microgrid, with a total of 1.1MW of solar PV now connected.

Powerledger’s blockchain-enabled xGrid platform has advanced both of these projects. 

“The Powerledger platform allows our customers to put a local price signal within the grid to encourage the growth of renewables to the point of which the existing grid can handle it - not beyond its capacity. This also reduces the need for expensive upgrades to the network”, said Dr Jemma Green, Powerledger’s Co-Founder and Chair.

You can learn more about the microgrids industry with its key challenges and technological applications here.  

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