December 23, 2019

Powerledger 2019 Wrap

Over the course of 2019 Powerledger has continued to expand its global foothold in the energy market announcing 15 new projects across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

Over the course of 2019 Powerledger has continued to expand its global foothold in the energy market announcing 15 new projects across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

We've expanded from one product to three, broadening out the platform from P2P energy trading into Virtual Power Plants and Renewable Energy Certificate trading.

Due to demand, we also developed PPA Vision that enables billing and settlement system for energy asset owners and operators to provide an immutable audit trail that prevents double billing, loss of revenue.

We also launched a large-scale rollout of our VPP platform in South Australia, teaming up with wholesaler energy retailer Powerclub, solar panel provider Natural Solar and the world’s largest solar battery provider sonnen. If you live in state, find out how to sign up to the project here.

Powerledger’s team travelled to the US as part of Austrade’s Landing Pads program, speaking with a number of local representatives, presenting to former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in San Francisco. According to Vinod, Mr Turnbull was a big fan and loved what we had to say, showing a lot of interest in our tech and solutions!

Powerledger was also asked to present at Capitol Hill as part of the Global Blockchain Business Council’s Demo Day on the Hill, showcasing how our energy trading technology to the Blockchain Congressional Caucus with examples of our successful projects in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and our home country, Australia.

Powerledger has seen a huge appetite around the world for P2P energy trading, and working with governments in India, Malaysia, Australia and Thailand to help shape the new two-sided energy market.

Our Crypto Economist Anya Nova was also elected to the board of Australia’s blockchain industry body Blockchain Australia, to advise on the technology's scale-up within the country in 2020.

The next 12 months are shaping up to be incredibly exciting for Powerledger, and we are eager to share more details with our community as soon as we are able.

Below is a summary of Powerledger’s projects announced in 2019.


Powerledger Head of BD & Sales Vinod Tiwari shaking hands with SEDA CEO Dr Sanjayan Velautham, and Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Yb Yeo Bee Yin.

We extended our trial with Japan’s second largest utility KEPCO to create and track RECs called Non-Fossil Value (NFV) certificates, and provide the framework for providing RE100 customers the ability to use NFVs against RE100 claims.

Our previous trial with KEPCO was successful, proving the feasibility of Powerledger’s platform as an alternative to the current FIT model in Japan.

In partnership with ISGF, our technology has also been selected to participate in a government trail in Uttah Pradesh, the biggest state of India. The results of the project to be evaluated in order to formulate appropriate regulations to promote P2P trading of solar energy in India.

We have successfully completed the first stage trial with Delhi's largest electricity distribution company BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL).

We secured a partnership with the Malaysian Government’s department of Sustainability Energy Development Authority (SEDA) for an eight month feasibility trial. SEDA hopes the trial will grow the country’s solar PV rooftop market and advance the installation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Malaysia.

Powerledger expanded our partnership with Japanese solar provider Sharing Energy and electricity retailer eRex to trial peer-to-peer (P2P) solar energy trading in the Kanto region.


Powerledger’s energy trading technology will be installed in a timber-based, mixed-use development in Perth’s eastern suburbs, a first of its kind development for the state. Nine households and one commercial space will share a solar PV system and battery to trade P2P, our technology will provide an auditing system for the development’s entire energy consumption.

Powerledger secured its first commercial deployment in Australia’s capital city, operating through the NEM.

We signed a deal with energy wholesaler Powerclub for a large scale commercial rollout of our Virtual Power Plants technology in South Australia through the NEM, which is anticipated to expand to Powerclub’s other east coast members.

We launched our first regional P2P trial with participants including local shires and farmers in Western Australia. By our platform, these sites will be able to monetize their excess solar energy for the first time.

We extended one of our first trials in Fremantle, RENeW Nexus, adding more participants and deeper insight into consumer preferences to test additional pricing models.

Powerledger’s platform is set to be deployed at DevelopmentWA’s 100 percent renewable energy. East Village Knutsford is a former industrial site 5km from Fremantle town centre and will become an innovation hub for sustainable living.

The United States

We partnered with renewable energy developer, owner, and operator Clearway to develop a platform to trade RECs in the US. The market for RECs in the United States covers both compliance and voluntary markets and is estimated to be worth over $3 billion annually.

In partnership with the City of Santa Clara’s energy utility Silicon Valley Power successfully implemented a blockchain-based solution for measuring and monetizing renewable electricity discharged to electric vehicles.


Powerledger partnered with a subsidiary of one of Austria’s top five largest energy utilities Energie Steiermark, to deploy a peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading network in and around Graz.

We are excited to share more information about upcoming projects in France and Italy in the new year.

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