August 11, 2022

Energy Radio, from CEM Engineering, hosts Dr. Jemma Green in their latest episode: Track, Trace and Trade Energy

In the latest podcast episode from Energy Radio, Powerledger Chairman and Co-founder, Dr Jemma Green, explains how blockchain enables companies to validate the authenticity of their renewable energy claims.

Dr. Jemma Green explains how Powerledger is working towards making renewable energy work in a more stable way.

By utilising responsive market technology, Powerledger aims to lead the global democratisation of the energy market in a way where people have access to the energy they need, can participate directly in energy markets and improve their lives and the lives of others.

CEM Engineering's CEO, Matt Lensink, also speaks on how their work helps achieve energy and environmental goals, by identifying and implementing any technology based solution which will result in less energy consumed.

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