Frequently Asked Questions


Is it true that Power Ledger only has a peer-to-peer energy trading platform?

I would like to get involved as a project partner or Application Host. Who should I contact?

Are electricians currently equipped with the knowledge and resources required to adapt to this new electricity exchange?

Are you trying to replace utilities?

Aren't you concerned about the price of POWR?

Where can I buy POWR tokens?

What’s the difference between Sparkz and POWR?

How does Power Ledger make money?

How does Power Ledger physically move energy?

What hardware does Power Ledger integrate with?

What if customers don't want to use cryptocurrency?

What's in it for energy companies?

What if EVERYONE gets solar panels?

Can’t people already sell their surplus energy back to the grid?

How do the local power companies control the local power production during an emergency situation?

How will the buyer of someone's surplus power avoid being charged by their distributor/retailer?

How exactly is electricity exchanged between the buying and selling households?

Is the peer-to-peer platform secure?

How is Power Ledger impacted by the GDPR?