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Monetizing EV’s value to the grid

September 8, 2021

7am PST /

10am EST /

3pm BST /

4pm CEST

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Monetizing EV’s value to the grid

Unlike gas-fueled vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) have inherent value in our transition to the clean-energy future. if charged when renewable energy is ample and discharged when it is most needed, EVs can balance the grid load. And energy trading provides an incentive for EV owners to do so, making EVs a desirable investment.

To capitalize on this opportunity, programs like the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) create a financial incentive for charging EVs with renewable energy. However, most qualified entities are “leaving money on the table” because participation is too cumbersome for the chronically under-resourced.

Join us for an exclusive deep-dive with India Smart Grid and global peers to explore how you could leverage electric vehicles as “batteries on wheels”.