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FERC Orders 841 and 2222: mobilizing DERs

August 17, 2021

10:00 am PST /

1:00 pm EST

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Nearly anybody with a battery will soon be able to participate in the US energy markets, an opportunity historically limited to the utility-scale players. This is changing the business case for investment in DERs across the board and offering retailers an opportunity for greater engagement with their customers. However, managing the complexity of these relationships will test current business practices not designed for DER aggregation. 

Join us to:

  • Dissect FERC 2222: its history, intent, and detail
  • Assess its implications for your industry
  • Understand concepts like “DERs,” “demand response” and “flexibility services”
  • Explore how FERC 2222 – and the broader transition to a distributed energy future -- could work for you.

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