Maddington, Western Australia

Powerledger has purchased a 250kW photovoltaic (PV) system from Perdaman Advanced Energy, a subsidiary of WA-based multinational Perdaman. The Maddington PV system has a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and will be integrated with Power Ledger’s new product, PPA Vision.

In the numbers
340,000 kWh

potential average annual energy generation


savings compared to grid-supplied energy

20 year

Power Purchase Agreement

250 kW

PV solar asset

Case study overview

The PPA Vision is designed for co-located renewable energy assets such as rooftop solar panels as well as cross-grid PPA supply arrangements.Generators can customize the energy tracking and trading software to suit the regulatory requirements of governments, local councils and businesses to assist them in reaching their renewable energy targets.

Perdaman Advanced Energy Chairman

Vikas Rambal

"Perdaman Advanced Energy’s involvement reflects our company’s multi-pronged efforts to create a better tomorrow by delivering clean energy solutions that bring down the cost of doing business in Australia and decarbonize our economy."

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