East Village, Australia

This development by DevelopmentWA, is part of the Renew Nexus project, and sponsored by the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs initiative. With a 670kW/h shared battery installed on-site, East Village project will allow 36 homes with rooftop solar to trade with each other via the battery, utilising the Powerledger platform.

In the numbers

homes with solar PVs


kWh battery


renewable energy


reduction in grid energy use

Case study overview

East Village at Knutsford creates a benchmark for what is possible in sustainable urban infill and the delivery of affordable, clean and resilient local energy markets. Reduced reliance on grid energy, with 80% reduction of grid energy use (when compared to a standard home), access to renewable energy, combined with energy efficient design and innovative technologies creating a localised energy market, will demonstrate new standards in sustainable low carbon development. 

The 36 town homes will be powered with 100% renewable energy from individual 6.6-kilowatt PV solar systems and the embedded network with a shared battery.

At times when demand is exceeding energy available within the embedded network, additional renewable energy will be supplied from the grid through a clean energy retailer.

To enable delivery of this project, Powerledger is providing the battery and our energy trading solutions. Powerledger’s feature will enable creation of a marketplace within the development, allowing residents with rooftop solar to store excess solar power and use it when needed. 

Powerledger’s can also be used to provide services to the energy grid and support additional developments in the neighborhood.

Western Australian Government Lands Minister

Ben Wyatt

"The mix of innovations at East Village at Knutsford provides a great insight into what it is possible for us to achieve in modern sustainable residential infill developments."

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