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Sharing energy & eRex, Japan

Peer-to-peer solar power trading Blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer technology demonstration with households trading excess solar energy between each other in the Kanto region.

Client summary

Power Ledger has partnered with Japanese solar provider Sharing Energy and electricity retailer eRex to trial P2P solar energy trading in the Kanto region which includes Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Saitama, Tochigi and Tokyo.

This trial aims to demonstrate how communities can monetize renewable energy investments and gain access to cheaper energy systems by selling their excess solar energy via Power Ledger’s P2P platform.

How the technology works

Power Ledger’s platform will integrate with the home’s existing smart meter systems to enable participants to set prices, track energy trading in real time to demonstrate settlement of surplus solar transactions.

By utilizing Power Ledger's blockchain technology, we will verify the feasibility of P2P energy trading in the country of Japan. Sharing Energy will enable participants who have invested in solar energy infrastructure to receive faster payback options and provide a new revenue stream for households.

Sharing Energy President Emiko Koga


residential sites trading energy P2P


of all imported energy is sourced from peers

24 kW

of solar PV capacity

3 kW

battery in Phase 1 of the trial

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