Powerclub, Australia
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Powerclub, Australia

Virtual Power Plant An Australian National Energy Market (NEM) retailer, Powerclub will use Power Ledger’s platform to provide VPP functionality to its customers.

Client summary

The project will deploy Power Ledger’s VPP enabled platform to hundreds of Powerclub’s Members. It will enable Powerclub households with batteries to pool their stored solar power to sell during periods of high energy demand and price spikes.

How the technology works

Power Ledger’s platform facilitates the physical dispatching of stored renewable energy from home batteries into the grid during high price intervals and supports the settlement of the financial transaction.

We believe that by integrating Power Ledger’s platform into our commercial offering, our Members will be able to access even better price points for their energy.

Powerclub CEO and Founder Stuart McPherson

3 months

pilot commencing in September 2020


of Members set to accessing Power Ledger VPP


beginning in SA and Vic and expanding across the east coast

VPP bundle

includes solar panels and batteries

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