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OP Properties, Australia

Power Ledger has partnered with boutique property developer OP Properties to install our trading platform into an apartment complex in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Client summary

Power Ledger’s technology is being deployed into Montreal Commons, a 5-story, 39-apartment complex within DevelopmentWA’s East Village at Knutsford Mixed-Use Precinct.

How the technology works

Power Ledger and OP Properties have teamed up in a landmark renewable energy partnership that will deliver an ongoing 50% savings for apartment owners on their annual strata levies.

The Montreal Commons development will use developer-funded 75 kW solar rooftop PVs and local battery storage, topped up with 100% green energy from the grid through local electricity retailer Change Energy.

Power Ledger’s technology will enable apartment owners to sell excess solar electricity they generate back to a 670 kWh on-site battery.

During times of peak demand they can then buy back electricity, as required, from the on-site battery at an agreed price.

The project will be one of the first ever carbon-neutral apartment buildings in Australia and is expected to set a global benchmark for sustainable apartment design.

“Power Ledger’s energy trading solution is holistic and allows us to offer our residents a forward-thinking energy platform that will meet their needs now and in the future.”

OP Properties Director, Luke Parker


Apartments get access to trading platform


Renewable energy

75 kW

Solar rooftop PVs


Reduction in annual strata levies

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