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BSES Rajdhani, India

Peer-to-peer solar power trading Power Ledger and BSES, Rajdhani (BRPL) recently completed a desktop study on blockchain enabled P2P energy trading in Delhi’s Dwarka region. BRPL is completing a detailed project report for submission to the state electricity regulator to develop the next steps including recommendations for potential deployment of blockchain technology in energy use cases in Delhi state in the near future.

Client summary

BRPL is the first electricity distribution company in India to use Power Ledger’s technology to trial P2P solar trading. The project comprised 300 kW of existing solar infrastructure servicing a group of gated communities in Delhi’s Dwarka region.

During the trial, residents with rooftop solar infrastructure were able to trade their excess energy with their neighbors as well as with higher tariff C&I customers, minimising the amount of energy that was spilled back to the grid.

How the technology works

The trial enabled participants to access cheaper renewable energy and prosumers to monetize their investment in solar assets. The project showed clear benefits of cross tariff P2P energy trading as well as highlighted the potential of load shaping and minimising grid peak through cheaper P2P energy trading. Blockchain-enabled solutions are also being considered for group and virtual net metering, EV charging and VPP applications.

BRPL has been embracing emerging technologies, especially in the space of demand side management and renewables. Our partnership with Power Ledger is yet another testimonial to these efforts.

BRPL CEO Mr Amal Sinha

300 kW

of installed solar capacity in the project

25 MWh

traded P2P


buildings trading energy across the grid


of all transactions are P2P

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