Melbourne, 21 August 2018 — BTC Markets, the preferred gateway for Australian cryptocurrency traders, today announced the listing of Power Ledger (POWR) token on their exchange. The token is the first Australian ERC20 token to be added and will start trading at 10am AEST against two major currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Australian dollar (AUD). The listing is in response to market demand for Power Ledger, a decentralized energy marketplace, and one of Australia’s largest crowdfunded projects with a market capitalization of over A$94 million.

Established in 2013, BTC Markets is an Australian marketplace for blockchain assets. It is an entirely privately-owned Australian exchange, with staff based in Melbourne. It is currently open to Australian resident traders, and supports AUD transactions. The platform hosts 250,000 registered users, cumulatively four-fifths of the Australian market according to the latest Accenture research.

Power Ledger is an Australian blockchain-based renewable energy trading platform. It enables the sale of surplus renewable energy, generated at residential and commercial developments, connected to existing electricity distribution networks.

“Power Ledger brings exciting technology to the energy market, as one of the few platforms to offer peer-to-peer renewable energy trading,” BTC Markets Co-Founder Jarrod Crane said.

“At BTC Markets, our mission is to support the growth of innovative Australian projects, connecting them to Australian investors who understand the transformative potential of blockchain technology.”

Power Ledger is participating in an A$8.25 million trial funded by the Australian Government in Fremantle, Western Australia. The smart city project aims to determine how blockchain based peer-to-peer energy trading can support clean, cheap and resilient energy across the suburb of Fremantle. In March, Power Ledger also announced the first commercial deployment of its energy trading platform in Melbourne, Victoria.

“We’re thrilled to be the first Australian ERC20 token to be added to BTC Markets. With the extensive BTC Markets user base, this listing is a huge step towards our goal of democratizing power, and will allow platform users and Application Hosts to easily acquire POWR for use within our platforms,” Power Ledger Co-Founder and Managing Director David Martin said.

About BTC Markets

BTC Markets was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to the secure exchange of digital assets for Australian cryptocurrency investors. With the largest trading base of all Australian exchanges and one of the few to offer AUD to crypto capability, BTC Markets is the gateway for Australians to invest in cryptocurrency. Substantial liquidity pools and instantaneous money transfers means BTC Markets is the exchange of choice for both individual and institutional money.

The platform has built a reputation as Australia’s most trusted exchange and are constantly adding new features and security layers to put its client’s needs first.

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About Power Ledger

Power Ledger is the world-leading marketplace for renewable energy, developing software solutions for the energy industry. Power Ledger has an ecosystem of blockchain applications that enable energy companies or communities to create their own energy systems. Power Ledger’s leading product, peer-to-peer electricity trading, allows households that whole own energy assets to trade electricity with their neighbours and set their own prices.

Since releasing its peer-to-peer trading solution, Power Ledger has been engaged to develop additional products, including but not limited to: microgrid trading, carbon credit trading, electric vehicle settlement, virtual power plants and asset germination events.

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