• Power Ledger will work with Yolk Property Group to apply its world-leading blockchain technology for solar energy trading between residents across Yolk’s Evermore apartment development.

• First apartment development in Australia for sale to the public utilizing blockchain technology for solar power trading between residents in a strata-setting.

• Evermore located inside White Gum Valley, part of a Government-funded (ARENA) sustainable living innovation project.

• Residents will be able to save on their power bills using a combination of rooftop solar PV panels, battery storage and Power Ledger’s blockchain technology.

Power Ledger and Yolk Property Group have signed an agreement to work towards applying Power Ledger’s world-leading blockchain technology for solar energy trading between residents at the near-completed Evermore residential development at White Gum Valley (WGV).

Evermore comprises 24 highly sustainable apartments powered by solar PV and cutting-edge lithium battery technology.

Power Ledger’s world-leading peer-to-peer platform will provide a transactive layer for residents of Evermore to trade renewable energy between each other.

“We’re delighted to again work on projects like WGV that are changing the way we use energy and deliver a modern, decentralized and low-cost, low-carbon structure to residents,” Power Ledger Co-Founder and Managing Director David Martin said.

“Power Ledger is proud to be working with Yolk at Evermore and we look forward to the evolution of similar sustainable projects in Australia and across the globe.”

Located 3 kilometers from Fremantle city center, White Gum Valley is Western Australia’s first One Planet Community, an international sustainability initiative that provides reduced costs of living to residents.

Evermore is the third WGV development to which Power Ledger will apply its ground-breaking technology, after the nearby Gen Y and Sustainable Housing for Artists & Creatives (SHAC) projects.

About Power Ledger: Power Ledger is a software company developing solutions for the energy industry. The Power Ledger Platform is an ecosystem of blockchain applications. Since releasing our flagship peer-to-peer trading solution that allows households that whole own energy assets to trade electricity with their neighbors and set their own prices, we have been engaged to develop additional products, such as microgrid trading, carbon product trading, electric vehicle settlement and asset germination events.

More information: www.powerledger.io

About Yolk Property Group: Yolk Property Group is a boutique property developer based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Yolk aims to support the creation of dynamic and walkable communities by delivering affordable mixed-use residential developments. Yolk has carved a niche in the property market through its innovative and sustainable apartment developments and was the first developer in Western Australia to utilize shared solar technology in a large-scale strata-setting.

More information: www.yolkpropertygroup.com.au