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About Us

Power Ledger is a fast-growing technology company. We use the blockchain to facilitate electricity and environmental commodity trading.

Energy reimagined

Not all kilowatt hours are equal. Some are peak, some are average, some are clean, some are dirty, some are biomass, and some unfortunately, are surplus to requirements.

We develop software for our clients and partners that allows the consumers and producers to track, trace and trade every kind of kilowatt. Wherever it is and whatever it is.

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Our mission

A photovoltaic cell producing clean, silent, free, zero carbon kilowatts is a wonderful thing. It promises to help us all with our biggest climate challenges. But just wishing for a solar panel on everyone’s roof won’t accomplish very much. It may even bring its own set of problems.

However, studies show a fully modernised market driven grid can solve these problems and allow us all to choose the energy we want to consume. Our mission is to provide the platform for this market and in the process, bring on the democratisation of power.

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The real opportunity here lies with utilities - technologies for commercially generating your own power are getting better and cheaper. So why not embrace and provide a standard peer-to-peer (P2P) platform and charge for the flow of electricity in every direction?

I'm hoping this deployment will demonstrate to utilities that this is a viable option to keep and grow business as the market evolves - which is one of the biggest attractions about Power Ledger. They recognized the need to work with the existing utilities and existing wires - which will be huge for greater adoption.

Scott Helm, American PowerNet

How we started

Power Ledger was founded in May 2016. That same year our platform went live with proof of concept deployments in Auckland New Zealand and in a retirement village south of Perth, Australia.

We outlined our vision for the platform in our whitepaper which we made public in 2017. Our whitepaper and progress was very well received by the global blockchain community and in October 2017 we raised AUD$34 million in a token sale to further develop and deploy the technology. Power Ledger was also one of the recipients of a $2.5 million Australian Government grant to establish a Smart Cities trial in the Western Australian city of Fremantle.

Our energy trading platform has been developed on an Ethereum based POA blockchain. POWR tokens an ERC20 are on the Ethereum main network and therefore are freely traded on a number of digital currency exchanges.

We are now in scale up stage of commercialization in which our blockchain enabled software is being used by a number of major international energy companies.

Our team

The Power Ledger team is comprised of some of the world’s leading energy and blockchain experts. We continually challenge ourselves to solve the biggest problems that stand in the way of our renewable energy future.

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